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Dilwana website has many visitors in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; Most of them busy in building construction or changing house or office decoration. 
This matter is the good opportunity and exclusive time for skill ones and companies to achieve their addresses target.   
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Dilwana is an expert network for professional presence.

Nowadays while talking about business marketing, immediately the need of an online network seems to be compulsory, because many purposeful users spend their valuable time in website.
The thing which makes Dilwana an extra ordinary place for business such as constructional or decoration is that presence of professional persons who are active in construction or decoration fields are addresses of Dilwana and most of them are busy in building construction, changing decoration or interested in architecture, internal designing, this character can achieve effective results in Dilwana business. 
Dilwana suggestions for improvement of your business:

First policy:

banner package advertisement.

In Dilwana website introduce your brand nationwide. Producers and those who want their product name and brand to be seen in online area, Dilwana is very helpful. Upload photograph of your activity and products in Dilwana so that users can have a look at them, consequently attract more customers in online area.
Zoom on an addressee who is your target.
Dilwana helps you to find active buyers and customers. Most of Dilwana users are intended to make their designs, build a new building or reconstruct a building.
Increase the information and knowledge of customers from your commercial name and brand.    
Monthly, Dilwana has many visitors, by advertising in Dilwana you will be able to introduce your brand and company much more than before.
Exhibit your brand in different models. 
With the help of advertising package such as banner, photograph exhibition introduce your products, and samples of finished items in showrooms and websites, like Facebook, Instagram, in this way you can approach the exact customer.

Second policy:

Silver and golden profiles:

You may put photographs of projects and samples of produced items with accurate information in silver profile.
Introduce your business.
Those who are involving in construction, renewal or designing home or office in your area, or city, at present, can be your customers.
Silver skill ones can give you exclusive opportunity to find new local customers who are searching for your services.
Make local customers as a target in your area and introduce your activities to them, show the best and attractive products or pictures to them, in this way attract more customers which you did not expecting them before.
Dilwana introduce new different jobs to local customers who wants to employ professional persons in their projects.
Show yourself to professional skill ones of your area.
Make special place in Dilwana for your business or company so you can represent yourself in expert field of your activities.
**Silver skill ones can be seen more than others among the users and get more advantages than others. 
** Golden skill ones can be more seen comparing to silver skill ones and gets more advantages.

Third policy: 

Adverting reportage:

In case you are intended to give accurate explanation about your project, product or sample of you job to your customers and give them detail information and specification, undoubtedly
You have to use (content marketing) which its use is increasing very fast, this manner introduce products and services besides other ways of introduction of a products.
You can see a sample of adverting reportage bellow:
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Tel: +267-75226644