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Space interiors


We got to have a sit down with Coloh Chengeta Awe, founder and CEO of Space Interiors. A 55 years old vibrant lover of all things beautiful hence her passion for interior decor. Space interiors (her first baby) as she affectionately calls it began in 2008. She was an insurance sales personnel. Ms. Awe was at the time working and building her business simultaneously. On one of her visits to China she discovered amazing interior decor products that intrigued her, won her heart and drove her to share her love for decor with people.

She takes us through the journey of how space interiors came into existence and how she has since shared her gift in interior decor with the world.

        1.Give us a brief background of space interiors and how it came into existence

We started doing business in the year 2008. We began operating at block 3 industrial in the year 2010 to 2019 then eventually moved to Broad Hurst industrial first quarter of 2019.Financially I used my personal funds and was also assisted by CEDA. The initial capital that aided in the startup of the business was P1.5 MILLION.

       2.How do you select furniture and curtain fabrics for your shop?

I tend to select furniture and curtain fabrics based on my personal taste. Most of the items found in the shop are entirely based on my interest in them. When selecting items, I also take in to consideration the trends, colors and also highly keep in mind the desires of my clients.

      3.It is quite evident that your furniture and curtain fabrics is of high end quality. Where do you purchase them from?

I have different suppliers from China . Most furniture is custom made to suit my client’s desires. I specifically help in choosing the right fabric and style then place an order with my suppliers. I have a good working relationship with my suppliers. They often times send me new products to view and purchase at my comfort zone. We have also identified a supplier in South Africa that we will be working with.

      4.Who are you targeting?

My main target is medium and high class individuals. We also offer our services to the government and private entities.

5.Do you offer interior decor advice to your clients when purchasing from your store?

Space Interiors is totally different from any other shop. We do not just sell products. We firstly inquire about your house to determine the right furniture and the right curtain fabrics to match your house looking at your wall color and spacing. We also go to the extent of sometimes visiting our client’s homes to give advice on the interior decor that best suits the house.

6.Some furniture have a vintage and classical look to them. Tell us about it.

We offer a mixture of vintage and contemporary decor. They work so well together.

7. How many branches do you have?

We only have 1 branch in Botswana. However, we have other businesses that are somehow also inclined to Space Interiors. We have a Bed and Breakfast business that also uses our interior décor experience and our furniture. We also own a company called Esnat that deals with helping clients get furniture and building materials from China.

8. How does a client purchase furniture and curtains?

We have a showroom to select stock items from and we have lots of catalogues for clients to select from and place orders.

9.What interior décor tip would you give to clients?

I would advise people to start engaging interior décor designers. People should be aware that interior design should be involved from the get go, even during the plan drawing. This will ensure that you actually get your dream house materialized.

10.What is your vision for space interiors?

We are going to also cater for medium and low market. We are to introduce products that cater for all. We will however not compromise the quality. Our other vision is to also make furniture in our shop. The aim is to also introduce D.I.Y to our clients. More emphasis will also be put in growing our curtain line.


Closing words

Involving an interior designer is the first most crucial step to take in making your dream home a reality. They are sure to advice on everything all the way from furniture to curtains. Space interiors is the place to go in order to meet all these needs. They serve you a whole platter of interior design advice and even sell the best quality furniture that can be tailor made to suit your taste.


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